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  • The Longest of Longshots

    Cursive Celebrates The Ugly Organ’s Reissue By Shout Weekly Staff Go ahead. Say all you want about Omaha, Nebraska. Say it’s...

    FeaturedKelcy MelroseFebruary 26, 2015
  • Restore Omaha Reception

    Join old-home owners, restoration experts, and preservation lovers alike networking and gathering ideas, solutions and inspiration for restoring older properties. The...

    Picks of the WeekKelcy MelroseFebruary 26, 2015
  • Erin Belieu: A Reading to Benefit the Central High School English Department

    Erin Belieu (CHS 1983) is a nationally respected poet, active member of the literary community, and an advocate for women in...

    Picks of the WeekKelcy MelroseFebruary 26, 2015
  • Omaha Sexy Nerd Society: We Live in the Future

    So as many of you may know, 2015 is the year that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future...

    Picks of the WeekKelcy MelroseFebruary 26, 2015
  • Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts

    Now, it might have been serendipity, or perhaps the stars aligned. There could be a cosmic, divine plan in place, or...

    Music NewsKelcy MelroseFebruary 26, 2015
  • Who Has the Best Wings in Omaha — KING OF THE WING

    The question WAS pretty simple a few years ago…who has the best Buffalo wings in Omaha?  As it turns out, my...

    Hit That DiveHitThatDiveFebruary 26, 2015
  • Make Believe Recordings Collect at OEAs

    Keith Rodger Wins “Best DJ” By Shout Weekly Staff If you’ve ever met Kethro, real name Keith Rodger, then you know...

    Entertainment NewsKelcy MelroseFebruary 19, 2015
  • Remembering Vincent: Responding to Hate

    February 19, at Creighton University Harper Center, 602 N. 20th St., 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The Scoop: Discrimination and...

    Picks of the WeekKelcy MelroseFebruary 19, 2015
  • Riitta Ikonen: Portrait of the artist as a young leaf

    February 19, at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, 724 S. 12th St., 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is free.

    Picks of the WeekKelcy MelroseFebruary 19, 2015
  • Matt Whipkey Album Release Party

    with John Klemmensen & The Party, + Kait Berreckman Band, February 20, at The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple St., 9 p.m....

    Picks of the WeekKelcy MelroseFebruary 19, 2015
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