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Make Believe Recordings Holds Showcase
By Kyle Eustice

By now, most Omaha artists know about Make Believe Recordings/Make Believe Studios. Founded by CEO Rick Carson and COO Keith Rodgers, the Make Believe entity has grown in leaps and bounds since its 2012 inception. With a roster boasting such local acts as BOTH, Conchance, Sam Ayers and the Love Affair and Black Jonny Quest, Make Believe Recordings (MBR) is looking like a million bucks, especially with its newly renovated studio space. Carson is seemingly ecstatic about the future of the label and, of course, the studio. In anticipation of the MBR showcase Saturday, October 3 at The Slowdown, the talented engineer took a moment to talk about the showcase, the new studio and some of the challenges.

Now! Omaha (Kyle Eustice): How has the studio construction been coming along?

Rick Carson: While it has taken longer than we expected, the studio is turning out wonderfully. We actually just did some of our first session in the live room and I know I am biased, but I have to say it sounds great in there. Really life changing as far as what we previously had to work with.

How did you end up pairing up with Urban Outfitters for the cassette tape thing?

Keith Rodger was the man behind that. I am very excited about the collaboration with them.

When did you start planning this showcase? What do you hope it accomplishes?

Well, we have had showcases before so we had always planned to do another one, but Keith decided to put this one into action a few months ago. We hope to accomplish a good time. This is music we love and care about so we hope that everyone will enjoy coming out to the show and having a good time with us. Hopefully, they will end up with some new friends or music to check out.

Do you feel that MBR is getting the recognition it deserves?

Me being me, this I believe is a loaded question. I don’t believe Omaha gets the recognition it deserves though and I plan on changing that. MBR’s continued growth will hopefully help fuel a fire for a lot of people in different ways.

What are some of the biggest challenges running a label and a studio?

It’s always time, but I am working very hard on that. The studio build caused a major disruption in everyone’s lives and we are all just ready to get back to work full steam. So that will be wonderful and I think it will help relieve some of the issues of working so spread out.

How do you decide whether or not you’d like to work with an artist? What qualities do they need to have?

They have to be real and loyal, and I have to love their music. Keith has to love them, as well, but I’m not trying to help out people who I don’t think would do the same for me. It’s not all about money or anything like that. It’s all about who I enjoy spending my time with and their music for me.

What’s coming up for MBR and the artists on the roster?

Conchance has a new record called La Maga on the horizon and we will have a debut release from Sam Ayer and the Love Affair and Third Eye Merchants. Lightning Bug and Black Jonny Quest have been cooking up some new stuff. BOTH has an EP that just came out, as well.

Make Believe Recordings Showcase, October 3, at The Slowdown, 729 N. 14th St., 8 p.m. Tickets are $7/ADV and $10/DOS. Visit for more information.

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