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It’s been almost five years since Table of Grace opened as a non-profit restaurant, and they feel blessed at the success they’ve had in the past five years. When they opened their doors, they didn’t know how they were going to continue to get all the supplies needed for their business, but somehow, they have always managed to get by due to support from the community.

At Table of Grace, there is no set price on the menu, everything is donation based on what the patrons can give. They also have a 10 day training program to try and get people off the streets and working a steady job. They teach the workers important skills for the service industry, including: timeliness, food prep skills, customer service skills, and other skills necessary to succeed and hold a job. They also have a catering business as well that helps to further develop their skill set, and also allows opportunities for those who have completed the program to keep working for Table of Grace.

After completing 10 days of training, Table of Grace helps applicants who have successfully completed the program are assisted in finding long-term positions, while those who need further help are put in touch with rehab programs that can further help them.

Not only does Table of Grace instill change by providing the survival skills, they also believe in the healing power of music. They have music every Tuesday night, either performed at Table of Grace, or at other churches and organizations.

Simone and her husband Matt both find music to be important to the healing process. They are both singer/song-writers and have found music to be a great tool of relaxing and uniting their Table of Grace family. They are releasing a 3 Track EP that they record in Nashville. The songs will be released around Christmas, and in the spring, they have a full ten track album that they will be releasing in the spring, right around the date of their five year anniversary.

Five years is a great accomplishment for Table of Grace, and they have a lot of plans for next year. They hope to expand the catering business this year, allowing them to keep on more of the program’s applicants. Currently, they can cater to groups of 10-300, and they want to get the word out so that the restaurant can be more self-sustaining. They would like to get to a point where they can house those going through the 10 day program, since a lot of them are homeless. Another goal is to get the downtown lunch crowd more engaged with the program, they like to have 50/50 patronage, with 50% of the people able to pay to help keep costs down.

We asked ways that Omaha readers can help Table of Grace this holiday season:

  • Come and Eat! (Spend your discretionary food income here)
  • Donate food- Cheese and flour are always needed, along with other raw materials
  • Financial Donations
  • Amazon Wishlist
  • Daily Opportunities for Volunteers
  • Consider us for catering your events
  • Help spread the word about Table of Grace

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