Best Games To Play With A Partner To Save And End Relationships

Portal 2 – Full Co-op Trailer

Both Portal games are always a joy to rediscover, even if you’ve already played them countless times. Portal 2’s co-op campaign, Cooperative Testing Initiative, is no different. It’s a fantastic series of puzzles along five official testing courses, each with its own number of testing chambers, that lose none of the mainline Portal puzzles’ charms. Instead, the sequel’s co-op campaign deftly weaves in two-player gameplay mechanics in increasingly complex ways. Each course focuses on a specific testing mechanic, all seen in Portal 2, but reimagined with co-op play in mind.

Portal is also an excellent choice because it’s so approachable. It doesn’t take too long to get the hang of the movement and physics, so even if your partner (or you!) isn’t a “Gamer,” they can still have a ton of fun with this pickup.

You can play local or online co-op, as well. It’s available on PC and Nintendo Switch (and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, if you’ve still got those plugged in).

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