Fortnite’s New Weekly Quests Sucks, Even After Latest Update

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Last month, Fortnite’s newest season, Chapter 4 Season 1, started. With it came some big changes, fresh content, and a new island to explore. Most of the new stuff this season has been great! But one change to how quests work has frustrated some players, myself included, and while Epic’s recent attempts to fix this problem have helped a bit, the situation isn’t completely remedied.

Over the last few years, Fortnite has become one of the biggest and most popular games in the world. One big reason Epic’s free-to-play online battle royale continues to be so successful is that the developer is constantly changing, improving, updating, and expanding the game via new seasons and chapters. For example, this season saw the introduction of new randomly generated perks that players choose every time they play. These perks, like one that makes your assault rifle’s first bullet do more damage, can shake up each match. However, not every change in Fortnite’s history is well received. Case in point, Epic’s decision this season to make weekly quests time-limited, forcing players to complete them in one week or miss out, has gone over pretty poorly among players who can’t play the game as much as others.

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Before Chapter 4 Season 1, Fortnite had weekly quests that would be added to the game every week. (Like the name says.) But these quests would stick around in your quest log and could be completed anytime after they were added, letting you knock out easier ones first and target hard ones later. It also meant that if you took a few weeks off to play something else or live your life or whatever, you could come back and have a bunch of quests to complete, letting you level up your battle pass and continue to make progress on getting all the season’s rewards.

Now, things have changed. In this new season, weekly quests only stick around for the week they arrive. After that, they vanish, even if you haven’t finished them or logged in that week. This change makes it harder to level up your battle pass if you aren’t playing consistently. More annoyingly, some of these quests involve multiple steps that can take a lot of time to complete if you get unlucky or don’t have the time to invest each week in doing them. Sure, old weekly quests had multiple steps too, but you had more time to do them, so it wasn’t a big deal.

I held out some hope that Epic might change this after a few weeks of players criticizing the change on social media and Reddit. And yesterday, Epic did acknowledge the frustrations players had with this new system. But sadly, it’s not changing. Instead, Epic is just going to make multi-stage quests shorter and easier to complete. That’s nice, but I and many others still miss the old system, and not just because you had more time to do quests.

The old quest system also allowed you to skip quests until later in the season if it was too hard to complete due to other players trying to do it too. You see, when new weekly quests were added, a lot of players would focus on the new missions all at once. So if a quest asked you to go to a specific area and hunt three wolves or something, it would likely be you and 30 others all trying to complete it at once each match. Annoying! But as more weekly quests were added and the season went on, those earlier quests would become easier as more players moved forward to new missions, letting you pick off tricky quests later in the season with less competition.

I imagine Epic decided to make the changes to how Fortnite’s weekly quests work to encourage players to log on more frequently, which is also why the company runs weekly events, changes its store all the time, and offers daily quests and bonuses for completing them. Thing is, I think there were plenty of reasons before this season to log in almost every day to play Fortnite like the already mentioned daily quests as well as mid-season rewards, time-limited cosmetics, and in-game tournaments. And weekly quests were one system in the game that seemed built to support those players unable to play as often, which was nice. Now, it’s gone and seems unlikely to return anytime soon.

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