Latest Minecraft Update Fixes Decade-Old Bug

Cast your mind back to October 2012. Pokemon Black and White 2 had just been released. Resident Evil 6 launched and disappointed many. And Dishonored arrived on the scene, earning Arkane many accolades and awards. And also, a minor bug involving footsteps and blocks was introduced into Minecraft. And now, in May 2023, it’s finally been fixed over a decade later.

Minecraft, first released in 2009 as a very early and still-in-development game, is a massively popular block-based crafting and survival game. Its large community continues to create mods for the game, which has been released on basically every platform under the sun including Xbox 360, PS4, iPhone, PC, and more. And back in October 2012—when Minecraft was still fairly new and two years before Microsoft bought the game—a bug involving footsteps was logged online. And finally, 10 years, 6 months, and 3 days later, the bug has been patched out of the game.

On May 3, Mojang posted a blog announcing its next update for Minecraft on PC and all the tiny changes coming to the game. But, it also pointed out that bug MC-1133 was finally fixed after nearly 11 years of it sitting in the official Mojang bug tracker database.

Before today’s snapshot, bug MC-1133 involved how the game calculated where the player was standing when near the edge of a block. The way Minecraft figured out your position was incorrect, leading to a bunch of tiny issues, like missing footsteps and being able to avoid damage when on the edge of a lava block. Nothing game-breaking, but still, this isn’t how the game should work, so around noon on October 29, 2012 it was logged by Mojang. And 3,837 days later, the bug has been removed.

On Reddit, players celebrated the bug being fixed but also pointed out that there is an even older bug lurking in Minecraft: MC-4. This bug involving dropped items predates this recently fixed footstep bug and appears to be the fourth bug ever logged in the game’s bug tracker. Maybe one day, Mojang will fix this bug, too. Though it might take another decade or so at this rate…

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