MODEL CALL | OFW Fall 2023 — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

MODEL CALL | OFW Fall 2023 — Omaha Fashion Week

Model Call will be happening in-person on June 3, 2023.

During Model Call, you will be given a number and will wait in line until it’s your turn to…

1. Get your measurements taken. Height, bust, waist, and hip + inseam for men. Men, it’s helpful if you know your inseam in advance!

2. Have a professional headshot and full-body shot taken by Heather and Jameson.

3. Walk the runway! Strut your stuff on the runway. A video will be taken for designers to review during selection.

4. Register your info. Don’t forget to register with OFW before you go. There will be QR codes throughout the process for you to scan and submit everything we need to move forward.

5. Snap a selfie. We all love good lighting, so step in front of ring light + take your pic in front of our Develop Model Management photo wall. Share your casting experience on social using #omahafashionweek or tag us @omahafashionweek + we will repost you!

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