New Lego Racing Game Appears In Leaked Screenshots

New Lego Racing Game Appears In Leaked Screenshots

More details and reputed screenshots from Lego 2K Drive, a yet-to-be-announced Lego racing game from 2K, have leaked online. This aligns with past reports that 2K was working on a series of Lego games.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen a seemingly endless deluge of Lego-related video games, from licensed action games like Lego Star Wars to MMOs, open-world adventures, and mobile titles. But since then, Lego gamers haven’t gotten a good dedicated Lego-themed racing game (outside of a cool 2019 Forza Horizon expansion) since the popular Lego Racers series of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. However, new reports seem to indicate that the long drought might finally be over.

Over the weekend, new details and screenshots seemingly leaked out from a closed beta version of Lego 2K Drive. According to a Reddit post from someone either playing the beta or with knowledge of the test, Lego 2K Drive is a “PvP multiplayer” game that is very similar to Mario Kart and inspired by classic Lego racing games from the past. The leaker suggests that during races, vehicles automatically transform between “on-road, off-road, and water” forms. Some of the items and power-ups supposedly include mines, homing missiles, brick wheels, and EMPs. Players will be able to create custom cars, too. The Reddit post also linked to apparent screenshots of the beta.

Those screenshots have since been scrubbed from their original host but not before someone archived them; they look authentic, showing various in-game menus, logos, and different race tracks with themes like a creepy swamp and the wild west. This lines up nicely with a report from VGC last year that said 2K was partnering up with Lego for a few different games. One of these was reported to be an open-world racing game developed by Visual Concepts. Last year, a job listing at the studio also mentioned that it was working on an “open-world driving game with a major license” which could be Lego 2K Drive.

Kotaku has contacted 2K Games for comment.

In addition, Insider Gaming is reporting that it has heard confirmation that a closed beta for Lego 2K Drive is currently happening, and it appears the leaked screenshots came from that beta. The fact that the screenshots were taken down seems to lend even more credence to the fact that 2K didn’t want this stuff out there yet.

Of course, until Lego or 2K confirm this game is real and not an elaborate hoax or canceled project, we can’t know for sure. However, I’d bet a few of my Lego Star Wars sets that Lego-based racing is about to return in a major way.

When reached for comment, 2K pointed Kotaku toward a fresh tweet from the official Lego account, which hints at a Lego racing game and says that a trailer for the unknown game is coming on March 23. Odds are it’s Lego 2K Drive, as the official 2K Twitter account tweeted in reply to Lego’s tease.

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