OFW Veteran Designer Buf Reynolds Named New OFW Producer — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

OFW Veteran Designer Buf Reynolds Named New OFW Producer — Omaha Fashion Week

Today OFW announced long-time designer Buf Reynolds will lead the organization as Producer. Reynolds is taking over the role from Brook Hudson, who had led the organization since 2011. Hudson stepped down this week to spend more time with family and take on new passion projects, including the OFW Investors Circle, a grant program for designers.

“Buf is probably the only person in Omaha who has been around OFW longer than I have. She has been involved in the organization in some capacity since its inception in 2008,” Hudson said. “In fact, she was producing her own underground fashion shows with other local designers many years before OFW came on the scene.”

Reynolds participated in OFW as a designer for 10 straight years, before taking a break to work on the OFW team where she eventually was promoted to director of talent and community outreach. During the pandemic she took some time off as a staff member with OFW and served during that time as a selection panelist.

Reynolds still designs as an OFW Headliner under her namesake label, Buf Reynolds. She is a graduate of the Fashion Business Program at Metropolitan Community College and was awarded the Sabrina Jones Spirit Award at OFW in 2023.

“We often call Buf the fairy godmother of Omaha fashion because she has a heart for mentoring young designers and building a positive and loving community around them,” Hudson said. “She is the perfect person lead OFW into the future because she understands its history and relevance to designers. She is in tune with what today’s designers need. She is a fantastic teacher and mentor; and she knows all the nuances of this show because she has participated on both sides of it for many years.”

Hudson says she will be involved in an advisory capacity for the remainder of the planning for the February 2024 season to ensure a smooth transition, but is looking forward to watching from the audience once shows begin. She and her husband, Nick Hudson, will remain owners of the company.

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