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By: Madison Bonin, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – 4 bills were introduced this session in the Nebraska Unicameral that would directly affect trans gender individuals. Reporter Madison Bonin sat down with Senator Murman to learn his reasoning for bringing these bills to the legislature.

LB 371, 574, 575 and 810 are the newest pieces of legislature looking to change rights for trans Nebraskans.

LB 574 introduced by Senator Kathleen Kauth would prohibit gender altering procedures for people under the age of 19. Including surgical procedures, hormone treatment and puberty blockers.

LB 575 also introduced by Kauth would restrict access to school bathrooms and locker rooms on the basis of biological sex and would add similar strictions to school sport teams. This would ban trans youth from entering certain spaces and participating on sports teams.

LB 810 introduced by Senator Dave Murman would allow doctors to opt out of giving care that conflicts with their ethical or religious beliefs.

LB 371 also introduced by Murman would ban anyone under the age of 19 from attending drag shows.

The Omaha For Us LGBTQ Center banner stands proudly at the future sight of Omaha’s 1st LGBTQ center on Thursday, February 23, 202. (Photo/Madison Bonin)

Senator Murman said his main goal in introducing these bills is to protect and the children of Nebraska.

But when asked if he had ever been to a drag show he said, “To be honest with you I have very limited experience, only social media.”

Senator Murman believes that regardless of what side of the bill you are on everyone just wants to keep kids safe. But with an already high rate of suicide with trans children a lot of people are worried what will happen if this bill passes.

Executive Director and founder of Omaha for Us LGBTQ Center John Carl Denkovich said that the passing of these bills would lay a scary foundation for future anti LGBTQ bills.

“You cannot legislate people out of existence. Transgender people, transgender kids will still be transgender kids but likely we’ll have less of them casue they will not make it to adulthood,” said Denkovich.

The Nebraska state capital stands tall in the cloudy sky on Friday, Feburary 24th, 2023. (Photo/Madison Bonin)

According to the National Library of Medicine 82% of transgender individuals have considered committing suicide with the high rates being among transgender youth. And that is the LGBTQ centers biggest fear.

The National Library of Medicine also completed a study that shows LGBTQ children who are accepted when they come out are 40% less likely to attempt suicide.

There are little to no studies and statistics on trans people in Nebraska. A member of the Omaha trans community told me they and their friends are afraid of being put on a list that will someday come back to harm them.

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