Omaha Fashion Week

Thursday University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Showcase — Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week’s Spring 2023 season of fashion and nostalgia had another night of excitement featuring students in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design Program.

Omaha Fashion Week celebrates 15 years of runway showcases during the De Ponte Spring 2023 season. De Ponte is Latin for “from the bridge” in honor of Omaha Fashion Week’s start under the Jones Street bridge to glamorous celebrations at the Omaha Design Center, and everything in between. The atmosphere of the night reflected the streets of Omaha and rave culture in the 1990’s. The walls were covered in wild postings featuring the official Omaha Fashion Week rave poster, photos of Develop Models from our editorial photoshoot, and a few easter eggs mixed in between.

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