What To Know About Getting Pachimari Roadhog Skin

What To Know About Getting Pachimari Roadhog Skin

Roadhog’s love for the Pachimari character is well-documented throughout Overwatch 2. It’s a love that shines so bright that the Overwatch 2 team crafted an entire game mode and event surrounding it, allowing players to kill their enemies and plunder their Pachimari plush toys in a twisted “kill-confirmed” esque gamemode. The event, titled Pachimarchi, also features the return of Roadhog’s Pachimari skin, an Epic-rarity skin available to all players for free.

How long does Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari event last?

To earn Roadhog’s Pachimari skin, you’ll have to participate in the new Roadhog Catch-a-Mari event and gamemode. This new gamemode begins this week and will last until April 4, giving players two weeks to try this game mode out. You’ll need to play a lot of this mode and complete some in-game challenges to earn the new Roadhog skin.

What is Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari mode?

It’s essentially a 3v3 deathmatch, with a simple goal: eliminate your opponents. Once you kill an enemy, they will drop a Pachimari plush toy, which you’ll have to grab. Grab 20 Pachimari toys, and your team will reign victorious.

If the enemy team is able to react quickly enough, they can also grab their fallen allies’ Pachimari, denying your team a point. This means you might not want to bring a sniper to the fight, and brawl to the death instead. You’ll drop into one of four maps in this gamemode: Hanamura, Busan Downtown, Blizzard World, or Kanezaka. Each map is slightly edited to fit the deathmatch format.

All Roadhog Catch-a-Mari challenges

Image: Activision Blizzard / Kotaku

To get Roadhog’s Pachimari skin, you’ll have to complete all six in-game challenges exclusive to the event:

  • Catch-a-Mari Contestant: Complete 5 games of Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari. Wins grant double progress.
  • Pachimari Warrior II: Complete 8 games. Wins grant double progress.
  • Pachimari Warrior III: Complete 12 games. Wins grant double progress.
  • Pachimari Warrior IV: Complete 16 games. Wins grant double progress.
  • Pachi-Saved!: Deny 3 points in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari.
  • Ultimari: Score or Deny 40 points in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari.

These are pretty simple challenges that reward you for just playing the game. Once you clean all of these out, you’ll receive the Roadhog Pachimari skin for free.

Tips for playing Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari event

The Roadhog Catch-a-Mari gamemode is a deathmatch game mode, and as a result, there are naturally some characters that are stronger here than others. You’ll almost always want one tank on your team, with their high HP pools and damage. Fittingly, Roadhog is a strong choice, thanks to his self-sustain and one-shot potential.

Having a character with high mobility or escape potential, such as Tracer, Reaper, and even Moira can be useful in getting picks, denying enemies from ally Pachimaris, and escaping dire situations. You might want to avoid heroes who rely on long-range skirmishes, such as Widowmaker. Even if you go on a rampage as Widowmaker, winning every 1v1 you can, you likely won’t be able to secure Pachimaris for your team.

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