10 Cool Mega Man Details Capcom Just Shared About This Classic

10 Cool Mega Man Details Capcom Just Shared About This Classic

Image: Capcom / Kotaku

This part of the document details Guts Man’s weapon, which apparently had more features at this point. In the final game, Mega Man can lift rocks and throw them, but the catch was that the rocks had to already exist in the stage design. This page suggests that the original plan was for Mega Man to be able to throw an unlimited supply of smaller rocks when the boulders weren’t around. That would have made for a more typical boss weapon, because it’s pretty weird that Guts Man’s “weapon” is only usable in select parts of the final game, and is basically just Mega Man’s arm instead of a gun of some sort.

It’s always neat to get a look at a classic before it became a classic, and see what ideas didn’t make the final cut.

When Mega Man’s designers drafted these in 1987, they weren’t aware of the worldwide phenomenon Mega Man would go on to become. (Hell, they weren’t even aware after the release of this first game, which only performed modestly.) Hopefully Capcom will release more behind-the-scenes stuff like this in the future.

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By the way, we noticed Capcom Town also lets you play this first Mega Man right in your web browser. Good luck if you do—it’s a hard one.

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