13 Things That You Can Play Doom On (But Probably Shouldn’t)

13 Things That You Can Play Doom On (But Probably Shouldn’t)

Image: id Software / Kotaku / ImYanis / Mangostar (Shutterstock)

A talented modder has created a keyboard keycap that can play the original ‘90s hit shooter Doom. It even has sound! The new creation is just one more example of how the open-sourced shooter can be played on just about anything with a screen.

Doom getting ported to strange devices is such a common occurrence these days that, at this point, it’s almost weirder if I see Doom running on a console or PC. So seeing it pop up on the keyboard keycap is both cool and also, not surprising.

Thanks to Id Software releasing Doom’s source code in 1997—just four years after the game’s explosive debut—fans have spent the past 20+ years creating what are called “source ports” of the shooter that both extend the game in countless ways and let you play it on practically anything. And if Doom doesn’t currently run on a given device, you can likely modify an existing port to make it do so.

That’s why, in 2023, we have such a big and varied list of devices that you can play Doom on. Here are just a few of the weirdest and best ones.

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