14 Best Samurai Games Out Right Now

14 Best Samurai Games Out Right Now

Image: Ubisoft

Launched: February 2017

Playable on: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

If you asked me in 2017 if you should pick up For Honor, I would probably tell you to run as fast as humanly possible away from Heathmoor and to thank me later. The ambitious PvP fighter launched with a plethora of balance issues and generally, it was a total un-fun mess, yet I always got the sense that it was oozing with potential. Six years later, I really think For Honor has grown into a quality fighter. It’s about as frustrating as any fighting game out there, but it’s also immensely rewarding. There’s nothing quite like getting a fancy execution on your opponent by hacking off their limbs, head, or both. It offers complex combos that take genuine skill to master, but also a wide-open door for beginners to learn the ropes. The devs are passionate and active, it’s got cross-platform capabilities, and it’s largely balanced these days.

For Honor isn’t exclusively a samurai game, but it does have an entire Samurai Faction and the Kensei character is a full-blown samurai so it counts. It also helps that Kensei is continually one of the most popular Heroes in For Honor, and the move-kit is very beginner friendly. That dodge-heavy attack into unblockable heavy will genuinely carry you through your first few Reputations. So, if you really have a hankering for some samurai sword slinging, plus a shit ton of sweet cosmetics, For Honor might be the fit for you. – Jeb Biggart, Associate Social Media Editor

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