19 Hilarious Tears Of The Kingdom Fails

19 Hilarious Tears Of The Kingdom Fails

Gif: Nintendo / TerrakoFUN / tweflthouse / Dakotalogy / MeryLiaril

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one hell of an epic adventure game, packed with satisfying opportunities to make the most of its dynamic and surprising physics and crafting systems. But while the internet’s full of examples of remarkable feats of engineering and unexpected means of surpassing challenges, there are also countless failed attempts.

Some result in serious injury or death to Link (and others). Other mishaps are rather harmless, but still somewhat humiliating, or at least disappointing.

So we’ve gathered together a list of 19 examples of humorous failures, from vehicles burning down, to horses being sent to their unfortunate demise. Welcome to Hyrule’s Hall of Shame.

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