8 Comedies To Watch If You Liked Rick and Morty

8 Comedies To Watch If You Liked Rick and Morty

Screenshot: TinyCo / 20th Century Animation / Kotaku

Surprise! The guy who co-created a show that features jellybean molestation allegedly sexually harassed women online and awaits trial on more recent domestic violence charges. But before you send your Pickle Rick through the meat grinder, take a deep breath, and try to have some perspective. There’s plenty of sci-fi comedy that isn’t Rick and Morty out there, and I can give you recommendations.

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But I understand why fans of the show—a uniquely crass story about guileless kid Morty and his snotty, mad scientist grandfather Rick—are disappointed. Justin Roiland’s allegations make the show (and his video game studio’s recent Game Pass hit, High on Life) seem covered in mud. But they might also provide an opportunity for you to consider what you think art’s relationship to its creator is. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Roiland’s involvement on Rick and Morty has largely been relegated to voicing characters” for years—is that enough distance between creator and creation for you to keep watching your favorite show? Should you avoid consuming any entertainment any unsavory person has worked on? That’s a personal decision, and for you to decide.

I can’t help you with that. But I can provide alternatives if watching Rick and Morty feels wrong right now. Here—take these goofy show and movie recommendations, which all mirror different covetable aspects of Rick and Morty, like hand-drawn animation, boldly obnoxious humor, and a sci-fi tilt. Any of them should help you turn your brain off with a lime green knife, inserting stoner-friendly fart humor.

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