A Nintendo Switch Like This Should Frankly Be Illegal

A Nintendo Switch Like This Should Frankly Be Illegal

Photo: GeekShare

If you have a Switch, chances are very good that you’ve seen, or even own, some sort of cat-themed peripheral. As you read this, there are paw-shaped thumbstick covers collecting dust somewhere under my bed, having slipped from my Joy-Cons god knows when. We’ve all fallen prey to the cozy influencers with their fairy lights and disgustingly cute accessories. I’ve paid the pink tax more times than I care to admit. I should know better.

Still, here I am, fawning over this thing. It’s a silicone cover for your Nintendo Switch dock that looks like a calico cat, and it’s perfect. Perhaps I never stood a chance, as someone who actually has a calico cat IRL (and also owns a calico cat cardigan)? The cat cover by itself is vomit-inducing, but paired with those paw design Joy-Con, well. Donezo. It’s the sploot of it all. It’s perfect placement from whoever took this picture, putting the two things together to make it look like an actual feline and not something that evokes the idea of a cat.

Granted, now the question is whether or not you’re willing to spend nearly $40 for both items. There’s the middle ground, only paying for one of them…but then you don’t get to see the whole cat! I’m sorry, I clearly have brain worms. You shouldn’t listen to me, someone who has paid a premium for a cloud-shaped wrist rest that, in a different light, could also be argued to look like a weirdly colored turd.

Save yourself. Down this path lies only pain for your bank account. Next thing you know, you’re buying keyboards and mice that are barely functional just for the aesthetic. Then again, if you’re gonna do it, why not look good while you’re at it?

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