Annual Polar Plunge is back in Omaha – The Omaha News
Omaha News

Annual Polar Plunge is back in Omaha – The Omaha News

By: Danny Bolanos, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – The Polar plunge is an annual event that encourages participants to support the Nebraska Special Olympics Team by plunging into an ice-cold lake in the middle of winter.

Special Olympic Team member JD Mossberg says this is a great event to bring recognition to the special Olympics team.

“Lot of people have said that the polar bear plunge means alot to them to raise money for special olympics. It helps them realize that they doing a good deed. ”

Members of the Yutan Dive Team cutting a hole into the frozen surface of Lake Zorinsky for the Polar Plunge.

While most divers think that the water was cold and freezing there are some like Polar Plunge Participant Jordan Knaub  that don’t mind braving the icy temperatures for a good cause.

 “Zorinsky Lake Plunge is tradition for our family so we come out here every year and we jump in the water and refresh”

Participants of the Polar Plunge enjoying the icy temperatures of Lake Zorinsky’s water.

Plungers also took the chance to get creative and made costumes for their plunge teams.

Proceeds from the polar plunge go on to support Nebraskans with an intellectual disability that are a part of the Special Olympics team. Hopes are high that the total amount of proceeds will beat out last year’s plunge which grand sum was around $120,000. The Polar Plunge expects to return to Nebraska.

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