Auto Body Shop Recovery Room Interiors Never Had Staffing Problem Even During COVID-19  – The Omaha News
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Auto Body Shop Recovery Room Interiors Never Had Staffing Problem Even During COVID-19  – The Omaha News

By: Faith Staskiewicz, Reporter

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. – Tracy Weaver, owner of Recovery Room Interiors in Plattsmouth, works day to day without worry that he might lose staff; this is because he has figured out how to run his business in a way that prevents the short staffing issue. 

“The culture here is you get to do good work,” Tracy said. “Everybody gets paid well, there is no shortage of hours.” 

Being short staff is a cruel cycle. It can cause a high stress workplace with a heavy workload, which can lead to low work ethic and morale. In turn, this can cause employees to quit their job, leaving the business in a more desperate need for workers. 

In a niche job like this one, it is important to have employees with experience that know the workplace so that it’s done right.

 Being short staff would destroy Recovery Room Interiors. Therefore, it is crucial for Tracy to keep his business going by creating an enjoyable work environment. 

The sign for Recovery Room Interiors within the shop. Photo taken on November 8, 2022 by Faith Staskiewicz. 

Being successful in that area, Tracy says the only issue that they have faced due to the repercussions of COVID-19 is the shortage of parts for the unique cars that he works on. 

Recovery Room Interiors has been in business for over 30 years, and hasn’t once had a staffing problem. This is because the owner has treated it more like a community rather than just a workplace. Employees at Recovery Room Interiors also experience a sense of security with their job. Tracy Weaver says they already have projects lined up for the next two years.

Son and Employee CJ Weaver has been working at the shop part-time for several years. He says that the reason the business stayed strong during COVID-19 is because the employees worked united as a team towards the same goal, and they still do today. 

The current project of many that Recovery Room Interiors is working on. Photo taken November 8, 2022 by Faith Staskiewicz. 

CJ said, “As far as people coming and going as for staff, for the most part it’s started small and it’s progressively gone up. We’ve seen more people come to the shop, not many people leaving. For the most part, just growing.”  

Although Tracy has received many awards for his unique designs and craftsmanship, he says he is most proud of creating something that his kids can look back on when he is gone. 

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