Baldur’s Gate 3 Voice Actor Says His Job Was To Make Sex Sounds

Baldur’s Gate 3 Voice Actor Says His Job Was To Make Sex Sounds

Everyone’s talking about Baldur’s Gate 3’s sexy times, be it with a giant red demon lady, a smarmy vampire, or a bear. What you might not have known about the fantasy role-playing game is that Larian Studios hired (at least) one voice actor to exclusively make sex sounds.

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Voice actor Alex Jordan, who’s lent his voice to cartoons and video games like Atomic Heart, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and Demon’s Souls, revealed on his official TikTok page that his voice can be heard in Baldur’s Gate 3 as well. Unlike his previous roles as cannon fodder villains and super-sleuth detectives, Jordan’s role in Baldur’s Gate 3 was specifically to provide the party-based RPG with a plethora of breathy sex sounds.

“A studio that I’ve worked with a lot, they came to me and they said, ‘Do you want to voice act in Baldur’s Gate 3?’ I said, ‘Of course, I want to voice act in Baldur’s Gate 3. Who doesn’t want to voice act in Baldur’s Gate 3? But it’s a little bit close to release, isn’t it? What’s the role?’” Jordan said. “They said, ‘No no, not a role. We’ve finished recording all that stuff, I’m afraid. No, what we need is sexy sounds. Do you wanna come in and do the sexy sounds?’”

When asked if he “wants to come in and do the sexy sounds,” Jordan recalled saying “Sure.” What awaited Jordan was a “very awkward” recording session where he had to perform various oohs and ahhs while kissing his hand “a whole lot” in the booth. Apparently, Jordan’s vocal efforts were greatly appreciated because developer Larian Studios replied under his TikTok video saying “and what sounds they are.”

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Toward the end of his TikTok, Jordan asked that players keep him in their minds while they galavant in BG3 and attempt to rizz up its many romanceable characters.

“You think about that,” Jordan said. “You mull that over as you run around, you little horny perverts, with your little perverted roleplays, you randy bastards. You think of me.”


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