Best Items And Weapons To Fuse

Best Items And Weapons To Fuse

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sure has a lot of weapons of varying shape, size, durability, and, of course, attack power. As you come across various weapons in your trip across the lands, depths, and skies of Hyrule, the game sometimes feels like a bit of a lottery. So where can you find the best weapons?

Here we’ll cover some essential weapons to equip and go-to locations for finding them. And while there are some powerful standalone weapons in this game, some of the best ones are made by fusing resources to them. So we’ll cover some key locations for finding resources.

Essential resources to fuse to your weapons

Even if you have the legendary Master Sword, fusing resources to weapons in Tears of the Kingdom is an essential way to boost your attack power.

Spiked-Iron-Ball weapons

A great way to boost just about any weapon (or even simple sturdy stick) is to grab a spiked iron ball. You’ll find these in enemy encampments, but the easiest one is found right near the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, which is southwest of Hyrule Field. These will boost your weapon by 15 points, and that’ll serve you well against many random enemies you’ll come across on the map (it will also destroy rock rubble in caves, so you’ll have some utility in addition to damage).

If you haven’t been to Hurle Skyview Tower, you’ll likely need to fight your way through a bokoblin camp as these creatures have built a base around it (or you could come up with some other clever way of getting in there). If you take the direct path up to the tower, you will eventually see the spiked iron ball in question as the bokoblins will roll it down ramp toward you (which you could, by the way, just use recall on and laugh as it goes back the other way to inflict damage on your foes). Remember, you can return to the camp later on after blood moons to get more spiked iron balls.

Diamond-fused weapons

You can also fuse diamonds to your weapons for an added 25 attack. Diamonds are a rare resource, but if you know where to look and you have the right equipment, you can definitely farm these items. Please see our guide on finding diamonds to get to work mining.

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However, diamonds are very valuable in Hyrule. You’ll get 500 rupees for selling one, so while they’re very good for juicing your weapons, you may want to consider saving them to sell.

Flux Construct cores

So you’ve killed yourself a Flux Construct and aren’t sure what to do with the spikey cylinder they just dropped? Well, you can easily fuse it to a weapon to boost the attack damage by a respectable amount.

Flux Constructs are much easier once you realize that, yes, you can just Ultrahand their vulnerable cube off of them, and then just get your hits in as it lays there helplessly. Flux Constructs are found on Sky Islands and depending on which kind you kill, you’ll get different attack bonuses from their cores.

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Flux Construct I core’s (you can find one in the Hebra Mountains Sky Islands) will boost your weapon by +13. Flux Construct II core’s (there’s one at the Sokkala Sky Archipelago) will give you a boost of 20. And Flux Construct III cores (you can find one of these in the Faron Sky Archipelago) will give you +32.

While these aren’t necessarily the most powerful items to fuse, they’re a step above diamonds and spiked balls and killing a Flux Construct will reward you with Zonai Charges, so it’s a pretty great farming opportunity if you want to do some Sky Island hopping.

Soldier Construct Horns

Soldier Constructs are another great enemy to focus on if you’re looking to up your weapon’s attack capabilities.

Starting with Captain Construct III horns, you’ll get +18 attack to your weapon. Soldier Construct IIIs are commonly found at the Lanayru Sky Archipelago.

Captain Construct IV’s, however, will give you a +25 attack. You can find a Captain Construct IV northwest of the Riiogok Shrine, and just east of the Digdogg Suspension Bridge.

Lynel horns

Lynels, the big centaur-like beasts you’ll find at various locations in the game, are excellent enemies to slay for fuseable resources. Lynels aren’t pushovers though, so you’ll want to hit these with the best-possible weapons you can get. And the rewards are certainly worth your while.

While you can find Lynels throughout the Hyrule, perhaps the best place to gather resources from them is to hit up the Floating Coliseum in the depths at the map coordinates -1134, -1202, -0499. Prepare for a fight, because you’re going to take on five Lynels here.

Each of these enemies will drop a variety of items and equipment (including crystallized charges to increase your battery). Here, however, I’ll highlight the fuseable materials as these will grant great bonuses to any weapon once fused.

  • First, you’ll take on a Red Lynel. Once killed, they’ll drop a Lynel mace horn (+18 attack) and a Lynel saber horn (+22 attack). They’ll also drop a Lynel bow, which will let you shoot three arrows at once
  • Second, you’ll face a Blue-Maned Lynel. After the battle, they’ll drop a Blue-Maned Lynel mace horn (+29 attack), and a Blue-Maned Lynel saber horn (+33 attack).
  • Your third Lynel is a White-Maned Lynel. Defeat them and you’ll get a White-Maned Lynel mace horn (+40) and a White-Maned Lynel saber horn (+44 attack).
  • Fourth up is a Silver Lynel. They’ll drop a Silver Lynel mace horn (+51 attack) and a Silver Lynel saber horn (+55 attack).

Finally, you’ll take on an armored Lynel. You will need to destroy their armor to even do damage to these ones. Spiked-iron-ball weapons are excellent for this. Once you take this enemy down, you’ll get another Silver Lynel mace horn and Silver Lynel saber horn. In addition to this, you’ll get Majora’s Mask from the chest in the center of the arena. This will give you +1 to your defenses and prevents enemies from attacking you first.

Most powerful weapons to fuse resources to

So you’ve got a good idea of what to fuse to your various weapons, but not all weapons are made equally. Some are undoubtedly better than others.

Master Sword

This legendary weapon can be found on the head of the Light Dragon. See our guide here for how to find the Light Dragon and get the Master Sword. This weapon pairs well with the Champion’s Leathers.

Mighty Zonaite weapons

If you’ve spent any time hopping around Sky Islands, you’ve come across a number of Zonaite weapons. But the best ones are found at the Zonaite Forge Island at coordinates 2375, -1775, 1489.

Here, you’ll find Mighty Zonaite Spears, Longswords, and Swords. While the base attack of these might not necessarily be very impressive, these get even better when you fuse Zonai devices to them, including Soldier Construct horns. A Captain Construct IV horn fused to a Might Zonai Longsword, for example, will give you a Captain IV Blade that carries an attack power of 60. Not bad at all.

Royal Guard’s Claymore

The Royal Guard’s Claymore has a respectable 32 attack power, but that’s not what makes it unique. When near the point of destruction, any weapon made with the Royal Guard’s Claymore will substantially increase its attack power. Whether you’ve got diamonds, Lynel horns, or anything else fused, you can boost this attack power to pretty absurd amounts.

You’ll need to get to Hyrule Castle for the Royal Guard’s Claymore. The most direct path involves launching yourself out of Lookout Landing’s Skyview Tower, and flying north to the castle. Enter the castle’s sanctum and ascend the stairs to the left. On the second flight, turn around and jump behind some rubble to find the Royal Guard’s Claymore.

Pristine weapons

Hyrule has a bit of a weapons problem, as you might’ve noticed. With the Gloom out and about, most weapons you’ll find around the map are already rusted and prone to destruction, even when they have a high attack power. But you can get pristine weapons from jumping down into the depths and grabbing them from some spooky NPCs. These weapons last much longer than what you’ll typically find on the surface of Hyrule.

When down in the depths, you’ll want to keep an eye out for shadowy soldiers. These folks will be carrying either a pristine spear, long sword, or short sword. It’s not totally clear yet what specifically determines which weapons you’ll come across down in the depths, but for now it’s believed that by using and destroying weapons on the surface of Hyrule, you’ll influence which weapons spawn down below.

Keep an eye out for signature rock platforms in the depths that will host a shadowy soldier. Each of these looks like two small circles, one inside the other, on the map.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a ton of weapons, but these are some of the best ones you should look out for while traversing Hyrule. Which weapons are your go-tos?

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