Cursed Netflix Dating Show Getting Cursed Dating Sim

Cursed Netflix Dating Show Getting Cursed Dating Sim

Reality television show Love is Blind is turning into a mobile game for Netflix’s soon-to-be released Netflix Stories app. The interactive narrative game will debut on September 19, a few days before the show’s fifth season premieres on September 22, an August 22 press release says.

For those with a stronger sense of inner peace than me: Love is Blind is a “social experiment” that dares to ask, what if you got married to someone you met in a box? Each season follows a couple of poorly adjusted people who, for 10 magical days, date each other through windowless shipping container “pods.” None of them see who they’re speaking to until they’re coupled up, incredibly in love, and ready to get engaged face-to-face.

While hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey, whom fans have petitioned to remove from the show for being annoying, have been begging the question, is love really blind? since 2020, contestants often end up entangled in either an incredible breakup or an incredible cheating scandal. You feel like an enterprising zoologist for watching, which introduces some nuance to the situation, but I’ve seen most of the series’ approximately 56 hours in a 1.5-times speed, vodka seltzer haze, and I can’t really speak to it.

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What I can tell you is that the game Netflix Stories: Love is Blind will try to convey some of the show’s allure through yet another app on your phone, making it so that “you’ll be able to (virtually) step into the pods as the newest singles on the series and embark on your own journey of true love and self-discovery,” Netflix’s press release says.

Netflix Stories also seem to be the next phase of the steady growing, surprisingly successful gaming empire Netflix first floated in 2021. Earlier this year, Halo Infinite vet Joseph Staten joined its team, which currently maintains 70 mobile games. 

And now it’ll make self-actualization only a click away—iOS users can currently pre-register for the Love is Blind game on the App Store. Netflix Stories, which will be free with a Netflix membership, is also planning interactive narrative versions of the streamer’s Money Heist spin-off Berlin and its romantic drama Virgin River.


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