Diablo Immortal Is Getting More Expensive For Hoarders

Diablo Immortal Is Getting More Expensive For Hoarders

Image: Blizzard

Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s free-to-play mobile dungeon crawler, has garnered accusations of being a greedy, money-sucking ARPG ever since launch. You’d think the company would want to avoid worsening that perception, but here we are with Blizzard announcing that the long-requested increase to players’ stash sizes is finally coming…but at a cost that few will be happy about.

In Diablo Immortal, as in many other ARPGs, you collect loot. Tons of loot. After a few days’ worth of killing monsters and looting everything, a Diablo Immortal player can find their inventory flooded with items. Some of this stuff might be really good, but not something you want to use right away, or with your current build. So, Immortal lets you store this excess loot in a place called the stash. This is nice. However, after months and months of playing, some players are running out of space in their stashes, and want more. The good news: More space is coming! The bad news: Well…

As explained in a new blog post from Blizzard, the publisher will soon start providing two more stash tabs, adding a ton of space in the process. But neither tab will be free.

You can unlock the first via a one-time purchase costing 2,000 Platinum. And while it sucks this is locked behind a paywall, that’s not a crazy amount of Platinum. A lot of players might already have that much or more stored up. And you can technically buy Platinum, though it’s pretty pricey. And however you get the currency, once you buy this new tab, you are good to go. That’s it. But if you need yet more space, then you’ll need to pay $10 a month to activate something called the Boon of Plenty, an already-existing feature that gives you more daily login rewards. And that is now how you get that second stash upgrade.

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More stash space is cool, of course, but it really doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that should be locked behind a game’s paywall. Especially not in a game that has been dealing with controversial economic choices since the moment it launched. This could have been a chance for Blizzard to earn some goodwill and turn things around.

Instead, it’s even bummed me out, a person who still plays Diablo Immortal and has mostly avoided the worst of its MTX bullshit. Sadly, it seems once I get too much good loot, I’ll run smack dab into a subscription paywall, and I’m not sure I’ll keep playing after that. Guess it’s time to try and delete some weapons and armor that you’re not fully in love with, huh?


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