Diablo IV Necromancer One-Shots Hardest Boss (Twice)

Diablo IV Necromancer One-Shots Hardest Boss (Twice)

Image: Blizzard

A Diablo IV player managed to one-shot Uber Lilith, the game’s ultimate, optional hardest boss, twice in a row.

On Wednesday, gaming YouTuber Struth Gaming uploaded a video of himself insta-killing both phases of the outrageously powerful boss with a Necromancer using Blood Orbs in just 79 seconds. You can check out the video below. Also, feel free to punch the air in excitement at their accomplishment or in frustration at how quickly and easily they pulled off this feat most players will likely never accomplish at all.

Struth Gaming

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To be clear, Uber Lilith is a very different beast from ordinary, garden-variety Lilith, the campaign’s final boss. While most players will likely send Lilith packing sooner or later, facing off against Uber Lilith requires first unlocking world tier 4 by completing the second capstone dungeon. She’s also level 100, so you probably want to hit the game’s level cap before you face her, and even If you do, you are in for one hell of a fight.

Oh, and if you’re thinking to yourself, “Sheesh, beating Uber Lilith in 79 seconds? I bet I can top that!” I regret to inform you that that achievement has technically already been done as well. According to GamesRadar, a Diablo IV player managed to beat Uber Lilith in just under a minute a little under a month ago. And before you ask, no, the previous Diablo IV player didn’t manage this insane feat using a necromancer like Straus Gaming. Instead, they beat Lilith in 59 seconds by staggering her with ice-based sorcerer abilities. This just goes to show that it pays to be a part of a shadow wizard money gang that loves casting spells that stagger and damage the hell out of a dommy mommy.

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Time will tell whether Diablo IV’s upcoming first season, aptly titled Season of the Malignant, will see these classes nerfed for trouncing Lilith and other bosses too easily when it arrives on July 20.


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