Diablo IV’s Secret Endings May Tease The Game’s Future

Diablo IV’s Secret Endings May Tease The Game’s Future

Diablo IV has been out since June 5, so folks have had enough time to beat the game and see its final cutscene. However, it seems there are some secret post-credit scenes that only a few players have been able to see. And now, folks lucky enough to witness those brief secret endings (it seems there are a few ways to trigger them, though it’s still unclear) are racking their brains trying to figure what Blizzard could be teasing for the loot-grinding RPG’s DLC.

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The fourth installment in the long-running head-empty-kill-shit series, Diablo IV tells the story of the Daughter of Hatred, Lilith, a horned succubus hellbent on reclaiming the forsaken world of Sanctuary, the main setting of the Diablo franchise, by weaponizing the cult that worships her. Your job is to loosen the Creator of Sanctuary’s grip on the world and send her back to where she belongs: Hell. It’s a simple premise full of windy narrative branches that lead to some unexpected revelations and unanswered questions, especially once the credits roll. And it’s this moment that left players trying to dissect the meaning of the different hidden ending clips circulating the internet. So with that said, here’s your spoiler warning for Diablo IV.

Since Lilith is Diablo IV’s big bad, the Queen Succubi is the game’s final boss. As you and your companion Neyrelle prepare for the final confrontation, you talk to Lilith’s daddy Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, who’s locked within a giant blood orb. The original plan was to lock Lilith away within a soul stone as a means to save Sanctuary, but Neyrelle believes Mephisto is the greater of the two evils and, instead, chooses to imprison him. He doesn’t totally agree with the decision, but accepts whatever fate is chosen. So, Neyrelle captures Mephisto like he’s some demon Pokémon, and leaves before Lilith arrives, prompting the final battle between you and the Mother of Sanctuary.

Who’s that Diablo IV post-credit demon?

After you kill Lilith, the dommy-mommy says Sanctuary is doomed without her, and flashes of what looks like the Job For A Cowboy album cover interject her last monologue before she crumbles to dust. Lorath gives a speech about helping you and Neyrelle, there are a few more cutscenes, then the credits roll. But there’s a possibility you’ll get hit with one of four secret endings, according to WowHead, which fans think could feature either Mephisto or his son, Lucion.

Three of the four post-credit secret endings are just a brief second or two long and show a horned lich-like demon with piercing orange eyes and massive curved horns. This, many believe on Reddit and YouTube, is Mephisto making a comeback. The last post-credit scene, however, is a bit longer, and a bit different.


The above secret ending is what’s thrown players for a loop. It’s obviously a demon, but it doesn’t look so much like Mephisto as it does his son and the Primus of the Triune, Lucion, who’s only appeared in Diablo books. And since Lilith said Sanctuary was fucked now that she’s dead, some have theorized that the game’s two planned expansions will focus on the Father and the Son. Others, however, think Lilith’s ex-lover Inarius is seeking his vengeance while a few believe the DLCs will introduce a new class.

“I’m convinced this is Inarius coming back after Lilith ripped his wings off and told him he belongs in Hell,” said user sarak6324 in a comment on the YouTube video embedded above. “I think that in a cruel twist of fate that Rathma’s Prophecy is about him in the way he didn’t think. A spear of light destroying Hatred (his hatred for the heavens after he was denied entry).”

“You can tell by the eyes, it’s Mephisto,” said user Kyle-nm1kh. “Pure prime hatred in those eyes. Very unsettling BTW. Also he’s neck deep, implying he’s trapped but not completely, which is the exact appropriate foreshadowing symbolism for the moment in the plot to portray Mephisto, who is trapped but probably not completely.”

“Horns are Lucion’s,” said user andrewspencer7804. “We’re on a mission to completely fuck up the Hatred family.”

The Diablo IV subreddit also has some interesting theories about what all four secret endings may mean for the franchise’s future. User icarusiscariot885 commented on a short secret ending discussion post, saying the fourth clip “might actually be Diablo,” the Lord of Terror and the series’ main antagonist In a different discussion post, user ConfidenceLatter427 said it “could be Belail, Lord of Lies,” who is in Mephisto’s gang alongside Diablo called the Prime Evils. Still, most folks believe it’s possibly Lucion, although it’s speculated that Mephisto’s son was scrubbed from existence in the first book in the Sin War trilogy, Birthright.

How to get the Diablo IV secret ending

Getting the secret endings is a different story, though. It’s unclear exactly what the requirements are, but according to AnActualSadTaco, they got that fourth scene “after completing [the] campaign [with a] second character.” Some folks on Reddit say finishing the campaign solo again isn’t totally necessary, as helping a friend do it will still trigger one of the four secret endings. Others, like redditor MarleyLo, said they got the scene on their first completion. Either way, it seems that you have to finish the campaign at least once and sit through the entire ending credits to get one of the post-credit scenes.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard for comment.

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Diablo IV is full of secrets, including gear you’ll probably never find and nonexistent levels fans think are there anyway. At least there’s one thing we can be sure of that we’ll all come across in Sanctuary: gems, which Blizzard intends to make way less of a burden on your inventory with future updates.


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