Doja Cat Is Streaming ‘Satanic’ PowerWash Simulator On Twitch

Doja Cat Is Streaming ‘Satanic’ PowerWash Simulator On Twitch

Photo: Pierre Suu / Square Enix / Kotaku (Getty Images)

Did you know that Doja Cat has a Twitch account? Well, you do now. On it, she’s been playing this “Satanic” game called PowerWash Simulator. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

PowerWash Simulator is exactly what it says on the tin. You arm yourself with a squirt nozzle, some cleaning chemicals, and then you power-wash people’s vehicles and outdoor areas for fun and profit. Even though you roleplay as a sanitation worker, PowerWash is a goofy game where the fun lies in not taking yourself too seriously.

Something about blasting away dirt with a power washer brings out the inner child in all of us. Doja Cat is no exception. Like many people who have ever been asked to draw pictures in a video game, she used her cleaning nozzle to draw the image of a penis. And it’s… actually a decent drawing? She put a lot of effort in not only capturing the shapely curve, but also the detailed veins. I’m giving it a 10/10 for artistic vision. Honestly, it’s just funny to see that Grammy-winning artists are just like us: They too will draw dicks in a video game if given the opportunity.

As she cleaned up the rocks on the patio, Doja Cat seemed to come up with some new lyrics for her next single. “The symbolism is so deep. The cleaning of the house represents her cleaning herself of the evils of the music industry and the evils of society,” she recited like a college English essay. “The elites hate her for this. She’s the savior of all music and the goddess of all that is good. This is the last supper.”

“This chair used to be red. Now that’s Satanic,” Doja Cat quipped as she restored the furniture to its former glory.

Some of her lyrics were less deep. ““Squirtin’ and fartin’, squirtin and fartin’ now,” she said as she cleaned up a lattice wall. “That’s what we do.” She was more aggressive about washing the patio terrace. “You can run, but you can’t hide,” she grunted as she refreshed an inanimate video game object. Honestly, who hasn’t talked to their furniture while they were cleaning? Not me, but I know a lot of people definitely do.

Doja Cat is clearly a huge fan of PowerWash. It’s the only game that she streams on Twitch. “PowerWash is love, PowerWash is life. PowerWash is fucking god tier gaming,” she said. “That’s cream of the fucking crop of gaming, bitches.”

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