Don’t Skip Baldur’s Gate 3’s Opening If You Played Early Access

Don’t Skip Baldur’s Gate 3’s Opening If You Played Early Access

Image: Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 entered early access almost three years ago, so players have had ample time to take its opening hours for a spin. If you’re one of them, you may have even seen the RPG’s first few acts several times at this point. However, if you’re gearing up to play the full game when it launches on PC on August 3 (or September 6 on PlayStation 5), developer Larian Studios suggests you don’t just skip through it, as the team has added new content to the game’s first act.

During last week’s Panel From Hell presentation, Larian talked a lot about the game it’s finally launching next month after all those years in Early Access. During the showcase, the studio said it added around 33 percent more dialogue and story content to the first act on top of the already beefy opening hours. So even if you’ve seen the game’s opening, there will be more to see and do that you haven’t experienced yet.

The example given during the presentation was that, in the Early Access version, a githyanki sorcerer, a drow warlock, or a dragonborn bard might wander into a tavern without facing any repercussion, despite each of those characters possibly facing prejudice within the world of Baldur’s Gate. Characters not having anything to say about your presence in the Elfsong Tavern if you’re playing as one of these races? “That doesn’t make any sense!” Ding declared. So in the full release, the game will be more reactive to the specifics of your character, and these situations might play out differently. With this added dialogue, Larian wants to make the early hours of Baldur’s Gate 3 feel more tailored to the character you’re playing.

Throughout the Panel From Hell showcase, Larian hammered home that it wants Baldur’s Gate 3 to allow for player expression and for the game to react accordingly. This includes an extensive character creator made up of different races, classes, and even pronoun and genital options. Hearing that over 33 percent more dialogue has been added to the part I’ve already played is exciting. I’m already eager to try all sorts of different customization options and discover how they might open up new dialogue choices and special solutions to problems.

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