Driverless (2022) Short Film Review
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Driverless (2022) Short Film Review

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Directed by Charles Pelletier, the short comedy film Driverless could make up for a good time if you just let yourself go of pretenses and enjoy a situational comedy. The acting is amateurish, the editing is out of pace, but all in all, the script is good enough to make you laugh a few times.

And in others you will crack up. Because that lack of consistency is both good and bad for Pelletier whose writing skills are average, but he knows exactly where to go with comedy. Scenes are good, ideas are insanely better.

In Driverless, the nephew of an innovative company is hired the same day he’s interviewed. Needless to say, that “interview” is just being introduced to a company that’s literally empty. Everyone was let go, and this guy has to take care of everything. 

What they sell is a driverless transportation service. Sort of like an Uber without the awkward presence of unknown drivers. Of course things aren’t easy for this new guy who spends his whole day trying to solve every situation out there, and dealing with the only other guy who’s still in the company.

C. Stephen Foster plays more than the lead role. From a redneck to quaker, it seems there’s nothing he can’t do. Unfortunately, not all the roles are downright funny, with the redneck being the most effective one. The part of Glen is physically demanding, and the actor insists on a feminine tone that’s not as funny as you would think. However, the redneck… wow. He’s hilarious.

Pelletier does whatever he can with 27 minutes of running time that end up being repetitive. The jokes work, specially those using the real insight of these kinds of services: something’s burning, but you just gotta wait for something else. That lack of humanity is what makes the theme ideal for Pelletier’s short adventure. You will laugh because these things happen.

Then again, don’t expect much more than that. Driverless is an indie comedy short with many things to improve, but as a conceptual film, I don’t see why it can’t work.

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