Elden Ring’s Most-Killed Enemy Is Proof We’re Barbaric Animals

Elden Ring’s Most-Killed Enemy Is Proof We’re Barbaric Animals

Elden Ring may be a tough open-world RPG that requires precise timing and ongoing dedication, but the enemies don’t scale in difficulty with you. So if your progress ever hits a wall, it’s technically possible to take the easy way out and simply grind your character into having better stats than whatever challenge is at hand. And one enemy above all others is excruciatingly perfect for the task of being XP fodder.

I speak, of course, of the Albinauric, those alien-like creatures that live a pitiful existence in the Lands Between. Seriously, their lore is pretty sad. Created by humans, Albinaurics were treated as disposable by their makers due to their synthetic nature and feeble physical attributes. Half the time you encounter Albinaurics, the context is terrible: You’ll see them imprisoned and tortured, sick with a dangerous illness, moaning, or going mad. Every so often, though, you’ll come across a group of Albinaurics who can gang up on you if you’re not careful.

If you visit Mohgwyn Palace, however, you’ll come across a large cliff that’s littered with Albinaurics. My read is that they’re there to be sacrificed for their blood, allowing Mohgwyn to remain powerful. What’s curious about this set of Albs, though, isn’t their potential implications for the story. Rather, you come to find out very quickly that these gray cavemen are horrifyingly useful.

I don’t have the exact number in front of me, because it’s impacted by things like your gear and what you consume, but it’s possible to roll through this area, kill them all, and rack up millions of runes with enough patience. Part of what makes it so easy is that they’re extremely slow to react, and you can reload right near the start of the cliff once you do a rotation.

I am not free of sin. I’ve spent hours on this cliff, killing Albinaurics over and over again, all while vaguely wondering if this act of barbarism made me any better than, say, noted asshole Godrick the Grafted.

And apparently I’m not alone in this. According to new stats released by FromSoftware, the most-murdered enemy in the entire game is the club-wielding Albinauric, clocking in at 9.4 billion deaths. As if that weren’t enough, the fourth most-murked enemy is the species’ curved sword variant, who’s suffered some 3.4 billion deaths. Damn. I’m feeling guilty all over again.

Graphic: FromSoftware

The stats come as a part of a larger infographic, which include cool tidbits like that players have asked Renala for a rebirth 38.6 million times. Notably, despite the billions of murders, players have apparently only asked for atonement 526,843 times as of this writing.

May Marika be gentle on our silver-stained souls.

You can see the full infographic here. Oh, and if you’re looking to be a better person after all is said and done: You really shouldn’t be wearing a Golden Scarab talisman or popping a gold pickled fowl foot when you’re in Mohgwyn Palace for that extra rune boost.

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