Fans Are Embarrassing This Boss

Fans Are Embarrassing This Boss

Link’s challenge in Tears of the Kingdom is to take down a grand evil threat to save the world of Hyrule. But while many players choose to take on the game’s final boss, Ganon, with a traditional means of sword fighting, others have taken to finding more clever, rather humiliating forms of foiling Ganon’s plans.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features your usual “good vs evil” high fantasy story. With the fate of a world resting on Link’s shoulders, he’s given a variety of powers to navigate the world and take on his foes. One such way is Ultrahand, which lets Link construct virtually any kind of structure or machine. Players can use this to make vehicles, weapons, or in this case, tight enclosures to seemingly break the AI and leave Ganon standing around doing nothing.

An enemy trap like no other

Players have built traps to fight bokoblins or even used simple Ultrahand constructions to capture horses, but this player has taken to trapping Ganon by constructing a maze around him.

As it seems, the bosses’ AI is unable to navigate tight spaces and can’t really seem to find its way out of a relatively simple maze. One Tweet reply reads “this was a better seal than the one they usually put on him.

But of course, anything worth doing is worth overdoing, so some players are taking the opportunity to exploit this dynamic by humiliating Ganon.

Ganon is put to work at a fruit stand

So if a tight, restrictive maze causes Ganon to just walk around in circles, what happens if the constructed space around him is even smaller? Well it seems he’ll just stand there, as in the case of this fruit stand that’s been built around him:

Or this small, very low-powered, machine that basically aims to butt slap Ganon to death:

How about trapping him the Triforce symbol?

Or creating other patient death machines:

Ultrahand is a very surprising feature of Tears of the Kingdom, one that often creates unexpected results. So it was only a matter of time before players found ways to abuse it and break the game.

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