Fortnite Twitch Streamer Hits Max Rank By Just Hiding

Fortnite Twitch Streamer Hits Max Rank By Just Hiding

My fellow slackers, bohemians, and those who’ve made a point of getting through difficult challenges in life by exerting the least amount of effort, I bring you a success story. Recently, a streamer has climbed to the top of Fortnite’s competitive ranks by camping in the bushes and hugging the circle to victory.

Mega-popular shooter Fortnite is a prime opportunity for players to show off their skills. As a battle royale game, the objective is clear: be the last person standing in a fight to the death. And with a wide array of weapons, vehicles, and traversal options, as well as the freedom to build, there’re a lot of ways to approach a fight. But for those who aren’t as confident in their skills, or who feel less confrontational, it’s perfectly acceptable to play it safe, waiting for ambush opportunities or for other players to kill each other before you proceed. And that’s exactly what streamer bushcampdad has done. Mostly playing by camping while he also does work on a different computer, he’s hit the enviable rank of Unreal.

Streamer hits top rank in Fortnite and says: ’Well, now what?’

Bushcampdad hit Unreal rank on June 15, placing in the top 30,000 players with the same rank. Amusingly, he didn’t even hit this rank by scoring a Victory Royale in the match that put him there, but rather placed fifth (which is still an accomplishment). Behold these strats.

Playing with an alien outfit, bushcampdad simply sits in the bushes, recreationally drinkin’ some shield potions. He gets sniped shortly after hiding out. However, in the post-game wrap up, he managed to crack Champion status, hitting Unreal. To which he said: “Well now what? I’m ranked 28,960th? I guess? […] I wonder if I can keep climbing.”

Just who is bushcampdad?

Hitting Unreal rank is impressive no matter the strat. However, bushcampdad makes no claim of being great at the game. His Twitch bio reads: “I’m 50 and I have 2 boys, 17 and 15. I’m not good at Fortnite. I camp while I work on my laptop.” As you can see, bushcampdad’s stats on tell a pretty amusing story. But while he mostly gets by with zero eliminations, he has managed to get a few kills on unsuspecting opponents.

So there you have it. Sure, pulling off multiple kills with high-performance strats is fun. But have you considered that you could just not? Bushcampdad sure did. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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