Guy Dislocates Shoulder Celebrating On The Price Is Right

Guy Dislocates Shoulder Celebrating On The Price Is Right

Last week on The Price is Right, two of TV’s favourite things happened: somebody won a big prize in a game show, and a dude got hurt. Handily, both of them took place within the same 30 seconds.

Here’s footage of contestant Henry successfully guessing the price of a Hawaiian holiday—meaning he won himself and his family a Hawaiian holiday—then celebrating accordingly, jumping all over the place while host Drew Carey enthuses in the background:

Sadly, that celebration came at a cost: at some point between high-fiving Carey and having to SPIN THE WHEEL, Henry dislocated his shoulder, and while adrenaline seemingly carried him through those first joyous seconds, by the time he had to actually SPIN THE WHEEL the poor guy was not looking well.

Looking sheepish and in no small amount of pain, Henry had to be assisted back out onto the stage by a staffer and his wife, Alice, who was then designated as the one who must SPIN THE WHEEL.

Which she did, and did one hell of a job for an unexpected, ugg-boot-wearing TV game show cameo, landing a 95, which prompted another one-armed celebration before Drew had to remind the guy, hey, “don’t hurt yourself”.

The show’s team say Henry is feeling better and all healed now”, and is ready to head off on his big holiday. In closing out this (ultimately) happy story I would just like to say that, firstly, congratulations Henry, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Secondly, I’d like to applaud the NBC writer for crowbarring this gag into their write-up:

She proved to have quite the magic touch, too, spinning a 95, showing that she can definitely (dislocated) shoulder the load.

And thirdly, damn, Drew Carey is looking great.

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