Hogwarts Legacy Spoilers Are All Over The Internet

Hogwarts Legacy Spoilers Are All Over The Internet

Double double, spoil and trouble
Image: Avalanche Studios/ Kotaku

Hogwarts Legacy spoilers are all over the internet right now. They’re in the Kotaku tips inbox, they’re in the comments on popular gaming website’s tweets, they’re casually getting scattered everywhere on the web, tossed into conversations with reckless abandon.

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The RPG is mired in controversy thanks to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s virulent transphobia, and the fact that she will make a fair bit of money in royalty checks with the release of Hogwarts Legacy—and presumably more if the game does well. This is also tied to why you might stumble onto spoilers randomly. While some people are undoubtedly trolling for no reason, it seems that others are doing it in an attempt to speak out against J.K. Rowling herself. Purchasing the game, these people argue, is a signal to studio owners that the Harry Potter trademark can continue raking in money, and Rowling can continue to garner attention and loudly speak out against trans people from within a country that is actively legislating against them.

And while arguing about the ethics of spoilers is definitely something that you could do, it’s also important to consider why people are doing this. Hogwarts Legacy is the most popular game on Twitch right now, and its sales are clearly very good. The people who are hurt by the actions and words of J.K. Rowling and other trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and transphobes naturally feel helpless and frustrated—especially when there was no statement against Rowling’s rhetoric from WB Games, Portkey Games, or Avalanche Software.

The rampant spoiling of Hogwart Legacy does, in a way, keep up with Harry Potter tradition. Those of us who were in the target age group when the books were still releasing will remember the infamous 2005 “Snape Kills Dumbledore” spoiler trend, whereby people waited outside bookstores across the United States on the night of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book release and shouted the ending at people who had just picked up the tome.

snape kills dumbledore

Anyway, if you’re going to play the wizard game, there are spoilers online about how the game ends.

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