How To Pick Your New Character

How To Pick Your New Character

If you’re jumping into Diablo IV for the very first time, you may not know which class to start with. And since each season in Diablo IV requires you to make a new character, if this isn’t your first rodeo you might want to check out a class you haven’t played before.

Either way, it can help to brush up on some basics, review what your class options are, and take a look at some solid builds.

How to pick a Diablo IV class for the very first time

Diablo IV is a game with a lot of numbers and choices, but don’t be too intimidated by the wide variety of builds and opportunities available to you.

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To start, be sure to read our general guide on the overall differences between each class, including which ones are best for beginners and which ones will throw a challenge your way.

Also, if you’ve never played Diablo IV, check out our guides on how to be a better player, the things the game doesn’t tell you, what settings to adjust, and—for the most daring—how to survive hardcore mode.

How to build a Diablo IV Necromancer

The Necromancer is an excellent first choice for beginners. We’ve got a list of three solid Necromancer builds that give you a variety of options for commanding the forces of the undead.

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Between the exploding Corpse Necromancer, Summoner Necromancer, and Bone Spear Necromancer, you’ll get a solid grasp of how to build out and wield this class.

How to build a Sorcerer in Diablo IV

The Sorcerer is a satisfying and approachable class to jump into a new character with. We’ve put together a list of three different Sorcerer builds focusing on different elements for your consideration.

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Whether you pick the Fire, Lightning, or Frost sorcerer, you’ll be able to take your character to level 50 with our builds, bending elemental forces to your will.

Great Druid builds for Diablo IV

The Druid is a wildly fun and dynamic class that gives you incredible strength plus the ability to shapeshift. Check out our list of three solid builds for the Diablo IV Druid here.

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Our guide covers the Storm Druid, Pulverizer Druid, and Shapeshifting Druid with specific considerations for werebear and werewolf form.

Barbarian builds for Diablo IV

The Barbarian might be a very straightforward, kill-everything-in-your-way class to pick, but don’t let that fool you: Like other classes, they’re surprisingly versatile. But if you just want to cover your basics, take a look at our guide for Barbarian builds. We focus on the Whirlwind, Bleed, and Upheaval Barbarian in our list.

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The extreme amount of damage output makes the Barbarian an essential role in just about any party. But even if you’re playing solo, you’ll have a blast mopping up room-fulls of enemies.

Rogue builds for Diablo IV

It’s true: The Rogue is a complicated class for beginners. Rogues need to rely on a ton of tricks and surprises in order to outsmart their numerous enemies. Refer to our guide on three solid builds for the Rogue in Diablo IV if you’re looking to get sneaky.

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But don’t let the Rogue’s steeper learning curve turn you away from what can be a very fun class to throw down with. You might stumble a bit in the beginning, but once your Rogue starts demolishing their foes, it’ll feel that much more rewarding.

Diablo IV’s multiple options for character builds, which can combine to create some unique synergies in a multiplayer party, might be complicated to understand at first. Once you build your first character, however, you’ll get a better sense of what ability types to focus on and will find more opportunities to experiment with future builds.

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