If Twitch Streamer Falls In Only Up! He Falls In Dunk Tank Too

If Twitch Streamer Falls In Only Up! He Falls In Dunk Tank Too

A Twitch streamer is using a real-life dunk tank during his livestreams to motivate himself to avoid falling in the tricky precision platformer and livestreaming sensation, Only Up!

Only Up!, developed by SC-KR Games, is an obstacle course game where players are tasked with navigating steep environments without tumbling back down to where they started. Think Getting Over It if it were a 3D platformer, albeit one without a person using a sledgehammer to catapult himself over hard-to-reach heights. The game got so popular that even a user-created clone in Fortnite drew huge numbers. But we’re not here to talk about Fortnite, we’re here to talk about the Twitch streamer who decided to crank his Only Up! streams up a notch by playing while sitting in a dunk tank.

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KeatDawg, a 20-year-old Twitch streamer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, recently streamed himself playing Only Up! In front of his 6,500 followers while anxiously swinging his feet above the welcoming water of the dunk tank below him. Thanks to his two-camera setup, viewers can see him up-close while another camera gives us a clear view of the dunk tank.

This isn’t the first time that KeatDawg has used the tank while livestreaming on Twitch. “Originally the idea came from a game I played last year called Jump King (similar genre to Only Up!) where I would dunk for every fall,” KeatDawg told Kotaku via Twitter DMs. “That’s how I got my start streaming last August, and since then I’ve been making other stuff, but I’ve gotten a lot of replies asking me to bring the dunk tank back for Only Up!.”

As of this writing, KeatDawg has only streamed himself playing Only Up! in the dunk tank once, but he believes he’ll ultimately manage to finish the game without getting dunked the “over 1000 times” he did during his Jump King streams.

“These games just take a while to learn,” he said. “The biggest hurdle for me is [that] I’m dunking as soon as I fall, so I won’t be able to save myself and will probably go straight back to the bottom of the game.”

You can check out a VOD of KeatDawg’s Only Up! dunk stream.

Sadly, KeatDawg’s first Only Up! dunk tank stream didn’t go so well (for his clothes at least) because he plummeted into his makeshift dunk tank 20 minutes into his 50-minute livestream. According to KeatDawg, his plunge into the murky depths was due to a bad key-binding on his mouse which caused him to drift to the right while walking across metallic beams. He also added that he had to cut his first dunk stream short because his keyboard fell into the tank and broke. To his credit, at least his mouse never took the plunge, despite being dangerously close to joining him.


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