Life-Size Gundam To Compete In A Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

Life-Size Gundam To Compete In A Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

What’s better than a drawn-out intergalactic space war causing entire space colonies to crash land into, and utterly destroy Australia on multiple occasions? A cool giant robot that can play rock paper scissors with you, of course.

Three years ago, we reported that Japan was erecting a new massive, moving Gundam statue in Yokohama’s Chinatown near the Yamashita Futo harbor, in an area which has been appropriately renamed The Gundam Factory. However, Evolving G, the company behind the production of the giant robot, had to delay its debut and limit how long people could visit the mecha due to covid restrictions. Now, not only is the giant robot on display again, but it’s also inviting visitors to participate in a rock-paper-scissors tournament on May 5 to show off its fine motor skills.

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How does one rock paper scissors a Gundam?

According to Anime News Network, the Gundam’s rock-paper-scissors tourney will work on battle royale rules, in which a crowd of visitors will challenge the Gundam to rock paper scissors all at once. Should visitors remain beholden to the honor system, whoever is left standing at the end of the tournament will earn a special prize: being able to take a commemorative photo with the Gundam at a spot gated off from everyday visitors.

If you attend and happen to be a part of the loser squad, aka the Gundam’s victims, you’ll still get to experience cool anime-themed attractions like Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury’s pop-up kitchen car, Gund Arm Inc. Open Cafe, which’ll serve Miorine’s tomato soda. You can also catch an encore showing of Gundam’s Minovsky Flight cockpit demonstration from April 29 to May 7.

Crunchyroll Dubs / Sunrise

Japan really loves Gundams

If you’re an anime fan who’s had the pleasure of visiting Japan, odds are fair you put “visit the giant Gundam statue” on your itinerary. The enormous RX-78-2 Gundam statue is one of Japan’s many must-see tourist attractions. In fact, Japan has a total of four life-size Gundam statues on display for tourists and fans alike to visit, according to Anime News Network.

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Japan takes its Gundams seriously. Before the RX-78-2 finished construction, Shinto priests blessed the robot’s head before it was anchored onto its 59-foot tall frame. The new Gundam even had its own scandal, in the form of doctored photos of the giant mecha flipping the bird at visitors.

Hopefully the technicians over at Gundam Factory Yokohama will host a future event for visitors in which they can witness the RX-78-2 show off its movement with a choreographed TikTok dance. You know you want to see it.

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