Look At These White-Hot PS5 And PS4 Sales Happening Right Now

Look At These White-Hot PS5 And PS4 Sales Happening Right Now

As the summer sun once again sets Earth on fire, that means only one thing: sales! And so Sony launched its annual summer sale with a not unreasonable 3,081 games at cheaper prices. Rather crucially, that number includes some bigger names, such as Elden Ring down by a third, and many Sony first-party titles down to $40. To save you some scrolling, we’ve picked out a few highlights.

As mentioned, Elden Ring is the headline game here, down from $60 to a much more friendly $42. That’s the vanilla version and the one you’ll want to pick up. The so-called “Deluxe Edition” comes with the original soundtrack, a digital art book, and nothing else, and is down from $80 to $56.

For a far heftier saving, if you’ve held off on FIFA 23, the Ultimate Edition is down from an eye-watering $100 to a much more amenable $40. Due to the peculiarity of EA’s decisions, that means you can now get the full game and 4,600 FIFA Points (worth about $40 if bought in-game) for $20 less than buying it without the free fake money.

If you’re looking for something more recent, April’s excellent Dead Island 2 is down 25 percent already. However, given that it launched at an astonishing $70 (sure, Sony’s first-party titles are trying this gouging number, but it was one heck of a push for Deep Silver), that’s now $52.49.

Those looking for a more punishing time might want to note that the never-that-good NBA 2K23 is now an astonishing 90 percent off, down to just $7! Which seems about right. (Although that’s $7 for the right to be nickel-and-dimed every moment you’re playing.)

First-party Sony games got all cheap

Let’s be more positive! Red Dead Redemption II is just $20 for the sale! Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, which comes with the original remastered Marvel’s Spider-Man, is almost half-price at $40! Last year’s The Last of Us Part I is down to $50, while the un-remade The Last of Us Part II is only $20! Horizon Forbidden West is $30! (That last one is confusing. The PlayStation 5 version is only discounted to $40, but the PS4 version comes with a free digital upgrade to the PS5 version for $10 less. Sony!)

Speaking of Sony first-party titles, the wonderful Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is down almost two-thirds to $30, and it is indeed worth picking up.

A mighty discount has also been slapped on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, bringing the standard version down from $60 to just $24. Meanwhile, the Legendary Edition that’s usually a painful $100 is now down to $40.

What else can I offer you? How about this year’s Like A Dragon: Ishin! remake dropped to $39? You can bump that up to the Deluxe version with a discounted Upgrade Bundle for $9, saving you $22. Or maybe you fancy 2019’s Mortal Kombat 11 for just $5 instead of $50?

Oh, go on then, one more. And a proper crazy bargain to finish on: You can pick up the amazing Super Meat Boy Forever for just two of your American dollars.

You can see the full list of all 3,000+ games right here.

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