Luedtke leading by example as lone senior on the Mavericks – The Omaha News
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Luedtke leading by example as lone senior on the Mavericks – The Omaha News

By: Mitchell Cutcher, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – The Men’s Basketball team at Omaha has a unique roster composition given the fact that the roster only carries one senior, and a total of five upperclassmen. The only senior on the roster, Kyle Luedtke, has been a leader for the Mavericks this season.

It is no secret that Omaha has one of the younger rosters in the country, according to the Kenpom rankings the Mavericks rank 352nd in the country in Division one experience. With the youth on the team Luedtke has taken on a leadership role in the locker room. He learned to do the right thing from the seniors on the team his freshman season, and he chose to lead in similar fashion.

“Luckily when I first came in, I had bunch of great upperclassmen that taught me how to do the right thing every day,” said Luedtke. “Guys I still stay in touch with to this day, like Mitch Hahn and Zach Jackson. They just taught me the right thing to do every day, and what it takes to win at this level.”

Kyle Luedtke in a game for Omaha (Photo courtesy Jaelle Johnson/Omaha Athletics)

When it comes to winning in the Summit League, Mitch Hahn and Zach Jackson are a pair that are worth listening to. Both players were on Omaha teams that were one game away from a Summit League tournament championship, and an NCAA tournament berth.  Luedtke was a freshman on the team that fell to North Dakota State in the Summit League championship in 2019.

Given the younger roster for the Mavericks Luedtke has made it a point to help his teammates however possible. He was one of the first players around the new coaching staff and has helped introduce them to college basketball. For him it is about giving back to the younger guys on the team what was passed down to him when he freshman.

Freshman guard Ja’Sean Glover says that Luedtke has a valued opinion on the team. (Photo Courtesy Mark Kuhlmann/Omaha Athletics)

“We call him the vet on the team,” said Luedtke’s teammate, Ja’Sean Glover. “He’s been here he’s been experienced so whatever he says, we value. Whether it’s on the court, off the court, he’s been here longer than most of us have ever since coach Crutch brought in this new team.”

Luedtke has appeared in 79 games and made six starts for the Mavericks and has totaled 285 points with a career three-point percentage of 39.3 in four seasons. Prior to his time at UNO, Luedtke played high school basketball in Omaha at Creighton Prep. During his high school career Luedtke was part of back-to-back district championships at Prep and the 2018 state championship squad that went 26-1.

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