‘Maverick Machine’ University of Nebraska at Omaha Athletics resident pep band – The Omaha News
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‘Maverick Machine’ University of Nebraska at Omaha Athletics resident pep band – The Omaha News

By: Lindsay Tague, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb- Baxter Arena is home for many of UNO’s sports teams, and it’s always so full of Maverick pride. An extension of that pride plays through the upbeat music provided by the Maverick Machine, UNO Athletics resident pep band. Under the direction of Dr. Joshua Kearney.

“It’s a super fun activity. The group only rehearses as needed to prepare for the music they provide at games. And we’re always looking for ways to continue showing what the students, the very talented students of the Maverick Machine are capable of,” said Dr. Kearney.

The Maverick Machine primarily performs at Men’s and Women’s basketball, Volleyball, and Hockey games.

The Machine plays at about 46 games per year.

Students of the Maverick Machine are cheering in Baxter Arena after a Maverick Goal was made on October 21st, 2022. (Photo/Lindsay Tague)

The group separates students into the Black, Red, or White band after auditions, in order to split up the schedule to make participation manageable for all those involved.

Auditions for the Maverick Machine are open to any students that would like to participate.

UNO senior, Lydia Kirkland has been a member of the Maverick Machine for four years. She says she enjoys the escape and experience the group provides.

“I really enjoy doing pep band because it’s music that is very familiar to me,” said Kirkland.

Kirkland says the pep band bestows an atmosphere for students to show off their talent to a crowd, while also supporting their peers playing the game.

The Maverick Machine takes their place in Baxter arena to cheer on the Maverick Hockey team in their game match against the Alaska Fairbanks Nanooks on October 21st, 2022. (Photo/Lindsay Tague)

Students that audition and participate in the Machine are given a 500-dollar cash stipend at the end of the season for all of their hard work and dedication.

Members of the group are always excited to produce an energetic and fun experience for the Maverick fans. Dr. Kearney encourages those who are interested in auditioning or just learning more about the Machine, to visit www.unobands.com

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