Misogynist Andrew Tate In Custody After Brief Hospital Visit

Misogynist Andrew Tate In Custody After Brief Hospital Visit

No God’s coming to save you, Taintman.
Photo: Daniel Mihailescu (Getty Images)

Self-professed misogynist and noted internet jackass Andrew Tate is back in Romanian custody after a short reported stint in the hospital. Although rumors are flying every which way, it appears Tate has “certain medical problems” that constituted a doctor check-up, according to a quote from CNN’s Romanian news branch, Antena 3.

Tate, who’s well-known for his gross takes on women, was arrested on December 29 following an exchange with prominent climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter. During that dispute, in which he basically doxxed himself by ordering pizza from a Romanian restaurant chain, Tate argued he wasn’t owned by Thunberg (he was) while talking about the myriad cars he has that “run on dead dinosaurs” and create lots of carbon emissions. Cool. However, not long after he got bodied by the teenage Thunberg, Romanian police rolled up to Tate’s mansion and booked him and his brother Tristan Tate on charges of human trafficking and organized crime. Sucks to suck, huh?

After being detained, Tate, who had something of a routine check-up, was transported to a hospital after the prison doctor asked if “he was suffering from certain ailments.” According to Antena 3 CNN’s reporting, Tate was “taken to a specialist consultation in a hospital in the capital.” Tate has been released and is back in custody.

It seems he’ll be in prison for a bit longer. As reported by several outlets, like AP News and The Guardian, Tate lost his legal appeal to the Romanian courts to get let out early. This means he has to serve the full 30-day detention while an investigation gets underway.

Kotaku reached out to Tate for comment but, considering he’s currently incarcerated in international prison, did not receive a response before publication. Weirdly, though, his Twitter account is still very much active.

Tate allegedly used a “loverboy method” to lure victims in, only to subjugate them to intimidation and surveillance as a means of control. He’s also been accused of coercing these victims into lurid pornographic actions that were intended for monetary purposes. Hopefully, he gets a longer sentence.


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