Now You Can Weigh Things In Tears Of The Kingdom

Now You Can Weigh Things In Tears Of The Kingdom

The clever minds over at r/HyruleEngineering have done it again. This time, instead of building something entertaining like a veritable hamster wheel for Yunobo, or devastating drones that would land Link in trouble with the ICC, one fan has taken to building an in-game scale to weigh objects and get a sense of how Tears of the Kingdom’s physics work, and the results are rather unexpected.

The latest in the ongoing series of adventure games, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a wildly robust physics and crafting system that lets players work with simulations of propulsion, aerodynamics, electricity, and more. While the game often tasks players with solving puzzles based on these principles, and offers a scale of freedom that allows for various solutions to different problems, fans have taken wild liberties with the generous physics and crafting systems to build everything from useful vehicles, death machines, traps for enemies, the basic building blocks of a computer system, and much more. And now, someone has built a scale to try and figure out and measure the inner workings of TotK’s incredible physics system.

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A couple of days ago, Reddit user RecomendationOK6842 revealed they had constructed a working scale. And they had some intriguing results to share.

The only Zonai device at work here is a single Stabilizer; everything else is done with a series of wheels and platforms to place objects on and, well, see which is heavier. And there are some serious mysteries here. For example, rocks of different sizes seem to weigh nearly the same.

Link also weighs the same as a traveling Korok. And perhaps most bizarrely, he also weighs about as much as 10 apples. Try to figure out that math in your head.

Gif: Nintendo / RecommendationOk6842 / Kotaku

As one Reddit user replied: “Link weighs like 4 pounds? Lol. The other reality: Hylian apples are about 15 pounds each.”

Other users have taken this opportunity to create a new vocabulary to reflect the findings. “What do we call said unit of measurement? A Hyligram?” asked user fahdriyami. “1 Hyligram = 10 Apples? So Link weighs 1 Hyligram?”

Another user went on to speculate that, since they once ate 10 apples to recover health, they could’ve just eaten a single Hylian instead. That’s about as reasonable as I’d expect for medieval science and reasoning. Now I wonder if Princess Zelda weighs the same as a duck?

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