OFW Gives Back to Designers through Kickback Program
Omaha Fashion Week

OFW Gives Back to Designers through Kickback Program

Omaha Fashion Week is proud to be known for the way we give back to our community. Designers are not only essential to our mission, but they are also the starting point for our “why”. Giving back to our designers each season is a nonnegotiable for our team, which is why we’ve implemented many programs over the years to aid their ability to grow their brands, in hopes of sustaining a viable career in fashion.

One example of these programs is our Designer Kickback program, which we started 10 years ago. In this program, we offer a unique code to each designer for them to share with their friends, families, models, and anyone who wishes to support them each season.

Every time a designer’s code is used, they receive 10% of the sale as a thank you from our team for dedicating their time and efforts to our shows. In addition, the user of that code receives 15% off their ticket price!

During the OFW Spring 2024 season, we gave over $1,700 to designers from this program alone. We know that amount of money can have to power to help designers level up their brands. This is why we strive to ensure that our programs are an effective and sustainable resource for designers during every season they show a new collection with us.

Want to support your favorite designers this August? Check out our full designer lineups for Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2024 VERUS Season, and ask for their code so you can save and they will directly benefit from your support!

We can’t wait to see the impacts we can make together this season, and we’ll meet you by the runway in August!

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