Omaha the rising Hollywood? The Omaha Film Festival gains traction at 18th annual event – The Omaha News
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Omaha the rising Hollywood? The Omaha Film Festival gains traction at 18th annual event – The Omaha News

By: Josue Garcia, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – The 18th annual Omaha Film Festival kicks off strong this week showcasing over 100 films from across the country. Hosted by Aksarben Cinema, The Omaha Film Festival shines a spotlight on independent filmmaking. With over 1,000 entries submitted this year, Chief Executive Director Marc Longbreak, says this is the strongest year for community showcase.

“This year, we have I think we have more entries from the local community than we than we ever have,” says Longbreak.

Warren Buffet and members of the Husker football team expect to attend Thursday Mar. 9.  Longbreak hopes this year’s selection exhibits practical incentives seen in Los Angeles, Toronto and Atlanta, for the arts in Omaha.

Marc Longbreak, Chief Executive Director for the Omaha Film Festival.

“But ultimately, the thing that really matters, the thing that gives you a strong, vibrant filmmaking community is the crew like having access to people in your community that know how to do sound, know how to do lighting, know how to run the camera and know how to do all the D.I.T.” Longbreak added.

Omaha’s filmmaking atmosphere has earned the attention of Hollywood professionals. Danny Farber, an actor in Paramount Plus’ 1923, says the city has room for industry impact.

The Behind the Scenes photo for Alexander Payne’s ‘Downsizing’ (2012), shot in Omaha.

“A market like Omaha?” remarks Farber.  “You’re in such a sweet position where you come with a camera, a light setup and a group of 8-12 people. It really is a testament to supporting local businesses in kind of getting the local chamber of commerce involved. If you guys really want to go ahead that route, they’re municipalities that are set up in a way to help like the small business each other out to kind of satisfy the needs of everybody in community.”

Backed by dozens of local commerce and retail, the Film Festival is on track to do out that. The Omaha Film Festival is ongoing now until Sunday March 12th. Screenings run 5pm-10pm.

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