Our Favorite Cosplay Photos And Video From Dreamhack Melbourne

Our Favorite Cosplay Photos And Video From Dreamhack Melbourne

From Comic-Con to C2E2, the vast majority of cosplay coverage you see on this website comes from American conventions. Which is fine! This is an American website, many of the world’s biggest shows are in the US and our intrepid cosplay photographer Mineralblu is also American.

But sometimes it’s nice to break that up a little, no? Spread our wings, fly overseas, check out a cosplay show on some other shores. So it’s wonderful tonight to get the chance to share this video and gallery of cosplayers from Dreamhack Melbourne, a show that took place earlier this year and is the first time in a long time we’ve been able to feature a show post made up mostly of Aussie cosplayers.

In this slideshow you’ll find a video of the show below, then images of some of our favourite cosplay, with a cosplayer’s credits, social media info and character details watermarked on each.

As usual—so yeah, he went some distance for this one!—all video and photos are by Mineralblu, and you can check out more of his work at his Facebook page.

Our favourite cosplay from Dreamhack Melbourne 2023

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