Overwatch 2 Twitch Star Hits GM on Lifeweaver After 1K Games

Overwatch 2 Twitch Star Hits GM on Lifeweaver After 1K Games

Screenshot: Kotaku / Blizzard

Overwatch 2‘s fourth season blessed players with the fabulous, sexy support hero Lifeweaver. But unfortunately, for those who wanted to run around with this gloriously pink and pansexual healer, he hasn’t exactly made waves as a strong support hero. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the community has basically all but united to form one unfortunate consensus: he sucks. Enter the world of Overwatch 2 top 500 streamers, attempting to make it to Grandmaster with this hero, while almost exclusively failing. That was, until now.

Lifeweaver flopped, sadly. While he can output some insane healing numbers and save allies from danger with his unique Life Grip ability, Overwatch 2 supports succeed not only by rescuing teammates but by being able to throw some aggressive plays. Lifeweaver is almost entirely passive, which hurts his viability, unlike most of the support roster who can help confirm kills or apply offensive pressure. (Even Mercy can do this by pocketing a strong DPS teammate, creating a hard-to-kill war machine.)

Recently, Lifeweaver received some buffs to his healing and personal weapon, giving him a bit of a boost. It’s perhaps thanks to these buffs that Overwatch 2 streamer Bogur was finally able to complete his unranked-to-GM Lifeweaver challenge, where he attempted to climb to Grandmaster using only Lifeweaver. It’s also the “world’s first solo unranked-to-GM” climb with the hero after other Top 500 streamers, such as Eskay, Fitzy, and Dafran, put their Lifeweaver-only climb on pause.

I think having to play over 1,000 games on Lifeweaver for an ungodly amount of hours would break my mental health, so you can imagine Bogur’s emotional reaction as he, nearly moved to tears, was finally able to put this challenge to rest. You have to wonder how rough Lifeweaver is as a hero when his previous challenge of climbing to Grandmaster with “no HUD, no sound, no outlines, 50% rendering, and lowest resolution” almost seemed easier. But at least Lifeweaver has at least one GM player to his name now.

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