Pokémon’s New Team Rocket Streetwear Is Pretty Hot

Pokémon’s New Team Rocket Streetwear Is Pretty Hot

Graphic: The Pokémon Company

To defend your closet from devastation, Team Rocket is making a transition from trafficking Pokémon and hunting down Ash’s Pikachu and instead turning to fashion. Here’s Team Rocket’s latest scheme, a new line of clothes and accessories to go alongside everyone’s favorite criminal organization, fit with overpriced hats, jackets, and an unfortunate restraint from Jessie / James references. (I know Team Rocket is more than the buffoonish duo from the anime, but c’mon, where’s the Jessie and James drip we know and love?)

So yes, recently, The Pokémon Company released a brand new line of Team Rocket merchandise and apparel. And while I won’t be able to cosplay as any of our beloved Team Rocket namesakes from the anime, it’s still a relatively fashionable collection of clothes you’ll be able to pick up to represent where your allegiances really lay. At least, if you’re willing to drop nearly a hundred dollars or more for some of these clothing items.

Anyways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so take a gander at some of Team Rocket’s newest glam and see if any of it catches your fancy. You’ll really feel like a central member of Pokémon’s most iconic crime syndicate when you have these equipped. Take a closer look at some of the clothes in the attached slideshow.

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