Police Catch Bombing Suspect After He Left Behind Pokémon Cards

Police Catch Bombing Suspect After He Left Behind Pokémon Cards

Image: Aberdeen Police Department / Kotaku / I and J Photography (Shutterstock)

A man suspected of building and detonating multiple explosives in Maryland was arrested by police after they connected some Pokémon cards left behind at a bomb site to him.

While the craze around Pokémon cards has died down somewhat in 2023, it’s still an extremely popular card game that has players and collectors all around the world racing to buy up new packs and rare cards. Some of the rarest cards can sell online for thousands of dollars and attract celebrities and famous athletes. Apparently, suspected bombers like Pokémon cards, too.

Over the past several weeks, illegal M80 explosives have been detonated in the small suburban town of Aberdeen, Maryland. Police had been trying to track down the bomber behind the explosions, but were struggling to find a suspect. But then they caught an unlikely and bizarre break in the case when they discovered some Pokémon cards in a small crater after one recent illegal explosion.

As reported by Fox 5 News, after discovering the Pokémon cards left behind at the crime scene a police officer on the Aberdeen force remembered arresting a man—34-year-old Jeremiah E. Burnette—a few days before, who had a stack of the popular cards on him. After acquiring a search warrant, the Hartford County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team raided Burnette’s home and discovered several packages of Pokémon cards. The cops arrested Burnette on June 13.

When questioned by police, Burnette claimed he was the one who had detonated the explosives all around town over the past few weeks. However, he reportedly did not tell investigators or police why he had been planting and blowing up small bombs all around town, or why he brought Pokémon cards with him during the alleged crimes.

Fox News reports that Burnette was taken to the Harford County Detention Center and was then released after posting a $10,000 personal, unsecured bond. Police are charging him with two counts of possessing a destructive device and two counts of using a destructive device.

Thankfully, nobody was killed or injured by the explosions. The only causality was some Pokémon cards.


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