Seo Dead Space Remake Orders Include A Free Game On PC

Seo Dead Space Remake Orders Include A Free Game On PC

Isaac kills a Necromorph for a free copy of Dead Space 2.

Image: EA

If you’re planning on playing the upcoming remake of 2009’s Dead Space, Electronic Arts is throwing in a little something extra to sweeten the deal on PC: a free copy of Dead Space 2. January’s cold, dark, and continuing the revival of PS3 and Xbox 360 era space alien horror.

Out January 27 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, EA Motive’s Dead Space Remake is a soup-to-nuts overhaul of Visceral Games’ original third-person shooter using EA’s Frostbite engine. While it still follows engineer Isaac Clarke as he investigates a mining ship full of mutated crewmates, some scenes and gameplay have been modified and updated, including more extensive weapon upgrade paths and 360 degree space walks. Alongside the improved visuals and audio, the new generation of consoles will also hopefully cut down on load times and interruptions.

On PC, players are in for an extra bonus. Those who pre-order the remake will also get Dead Space 2 for free. Normally $20, the sequel takes place a few years after the first game, continuing Isaac’s story as he deals with the fallout and trauma from the events aboard the Ishimura. Considered nearly as good, if not better than Dead Space 1, it’ll be the perfect antidote for those still craving the occasional Necromorph curbstomp. It also seems to run great on Steam Deck.

Unfortunately, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players won’t have the same option. Dead Space 2 is nowhere to be seen on Sony’s current console, where the Dead Space Remake is also priced higher at $70. Things are a bit better on Xbox where the full Xbox 360 series was added to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility catalog a few years ago. Plus, if you’re already a Game Pass subscriber, you can get free access to all the existing Dead Space games via EA Play. Yes, even Dead Space 3, in case you want to stomp Necros with a buddy.

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