Someone Killed An Ultra-Powerful Diablo 4 Boss In 15 Seconds

Someone Killed An Ultra-Powerful Diablo 4 Boss In 15 Seconds

Image: Blizzard

A powerful world boss in Diablo IV has been slain in only a dozen or so seconds. And while that’s impressive enough on its own, it’s even more amazing that it was basically one very powerful Necromancer that wiped out this usually hard-to-kill baddie.

The recently released Diablo IV is the latest entry in Blizzard’s popular and long-running demon killin’ action-RPG franchise. The game is mostly the same classic looting and dungeon-crawling action you’d expect from a Diablo game, yes, but a new addition to the franchise is Diablo IV’s world bosses. These are large and mighty enemies that periodically spawn into the open world. Players then work together to chip away at these huge and deadly super monsters.

Often, at least when I’ve been involved, fights against world bosses can last up to 15 minutes. Fail to kill it before that and the big creature despawns and you get no special loot or rewards.

But recently, as shared on Reddit, a world boss in Diablo IV was destroyed in only about 15 seconds. If you’ve played Diablo IV and fought some of its world bosses it’s almost hard to believe, but the footage doesn’t lie.

Bone Spear Necromancers in Diablo IV are scary

At first, it seems like a group effort. But looking at it again, it becomes clear that a Necromancer on the right side of the screen is likely doing most of the damage. As pointed out on Reddit, this is “Bone Spear Necromancer” a popular build of the powerful class that deals out a lot of damage. In the clip of the boss getting melted, we see the player land seven crits in a row, which isn’t hard as the meta build has a 100% crit chance. And because the build is focused entirely on dealing maximum crit damage as often as possible, it’s a deadly endgame build that can quickly kill huge groups of elite enemies.

If you’d like to level up your own Bone Spear Necro, this might be of interest:

Flighmore / Blizzard

It’s worth noting, this isn’t even the fastest bone spear boss kill around. If you look on YouTube, you can find similar quick kills including one video that appears to show a player using this build to melt a world boss in about five seconds flat. Wowza!

Some might suggest this build (or the Necro class itself) needs a nerf, but I think the world bosses just needed to step their game up. Come on, Avarice the Gold Cursed! Don’t let these Necromancers wipe you in seconds. Fight back! Try a little harder! Don’t just—oh never mind. He’s dead again.

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